Ariston Pro RS Slim Electric Storage Water Heater

Ariston Pro R S SHE
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Multi position with the same high comfort, PRO R SLIM is designed for conceiled installation and a wide range of capacities to meet every house needs.


❎Price Without Installation❎

Before making a purchase, please send us pictures of your current storage heater setup for an accurate quotation.

For installation, please select "Self Collection" at checkout for the shipping method  (the 3rd party installer will bring the heater to the site). After placing your order, WhatApps us for further arrangement.

Note: Installation services are carried out by third-party installers, not Hoe Kee installers.

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Ariston Pro RS Slim Electric Storage Water Heater

Ariston Pro R S SHE

advantages and benefits

• Easy and flexible multiposition installation
• Suitable for counter-ceiling hidden installation
• Wide range of capacities
• Enlarged magnesium anode for a full corrosion protection

Slim and space-saving design, ideal for concealed installation or narrow room

Insulation thinkness and state-of-the art materials to keep the temperature inside the tank for long time and to save energy

To set the hot water at the desired temperature

The product is designed and built with the utmost professional care in accordance with the strictest safety standard in the world. It's always equipped with multiple safety devices working simultaneously, to guarantee total protection. Certified by Ariston.


⚠️Warranty Disclaimer⚠️

All Ariston products are covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

As distributors, we are not authorized to process exchanges, returns, or refunds for products that have already been installed. Please note that we are not responsible for installations completed by third-party installers. In the rare event of receiving a defective product, please contact the Ariston Service Center directly for assistance.

Technical Specifications
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