Beautiful Blanco Sink (Pleon 9) with soap dispenser! Damixa Elara Mixer!


Peter Yeo, Satisfied Customer of Hoe Kee, Shopped in Sept 2012

"...I think that the Roz toilet (the one with the tornado flush) is really cool. I should have gotten that for the master bathroom as well.

My next favorite item would the Blanco sink. It's got great depth and looks just great on my black granite counter.

Thanks for everything and for being such a customer-caring service person..."

Viv Yeo, Satisfied Customer of Hoe Kee, Shopped in Sept-Oct 2012


I'm at Tanjong Katong Complex, rather near to Paya Lebar MRT. Just came out from Hoe Kee Hardware Pte Ltd, located at level 1, just at the main entrance of this complex. There's quite a lot of varieties over here. In case you were wondering what it sells, well, this shop basically sells all the taps, basins, sinks, shower heads, toilet accessories etc. It's one of the cheaper shops (and bigger) that I have seen so far.

Anyway, we came here to buy a kitchen sink that we saw previously in their showroom - granite sink from Blanco. It somehow looks nicer and different from the usual stainless steel sink. We didn't take long to purchase it since we saw that quite a while ago. That's it.

Blanco Axia 8



Blog @ Women de Loft

We thought long and hard about what sink to get. After all, I was going to be spending an inordinate amount of time at it every day! The designers (both our interior designer and the kitchen designer) said we only had space for a very small sink – say 50 to 60 cm wide. But I really wanted something bigger, so ignored their advice and went with one more than 80 cm wide, which reduced the counter space I had for prep work. But the Blanco Plenta sink we bought, had some cool accessories including an over-sink chopping board, so this wasn’t a problem. Sink was from Hoe Kee Hardware.


Teaching Our Own

Visited Hoe Kee at Genting Road and found that their service is good and not pushy. They also allow us to have our own time to see around. An item list card was given to us for nothing down on items that we are interested in.



– Great if you have a whole chunk of bathroom accessories to purchase, so you can get a package discount. Their portable bathtub is pretty affordable, and they have a large variety of sink and basin mixers to choose from. Prices are more reasonable as compared to.......(names hidden for courtesy),especially if you choose their own house brand.

Hoe Kee Bathtub

Hoe Kee Laundry Sink

Project Compassvale

Hoe Kee

My wife & I had scouted around Singapore for a good quality composite granite sink and had finally settled with Blanco Metra 9 sink. We fell in love with the quality of the sink when we first saw it at Hoe kee. The staff at Hoe Kee Genting Road was very friendly & knowledgeable, who were able to explain to us the pros & cons of their wide range of sink. Overall, we like the Metra 9 model and bought it at a deal! A great deal considering it a German made product.

Our Blanco Metra 9 Installed!

Happy Customer of Hoe Kee
Shopped at Hoe Kee in March 2012

Alan & Sarah

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