Rheem EHG Smart Wifi Classic Electric Storage Water Heater (25L / 40L)

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Rheem EHG Smart Wifi Classic Electric Storage Water Heater (25L / 40L)

  • Smart features: Eco Smart Mode allows you to optimize your water heater by allowing your water heater to learn your shower habits so that it can heat water more efficiently
  • Smart features: Timer Mode allows you to set schedule to turn on and off your storage water heaters. By doing so, you can be more energy efficient, thus saving on your utility bill.
  • Power Status Notification: receive real-time notifications on your phone whenever your water heater power status has changed.
  • Rheem's EHG Smart WiFi Classic Electric Storage Water Heater is equipped with universal connections, providing you with more options to mount your water heater in your preferred orientation. This means it can be mounted left or right, on the ceiling or floor, making it one of the most popular water heaters in Singapore.
  • To ensure easy installation, Rheem's EHG Smart WiFi Classic electric storage water heaters come with universal brackets to allow you to easily install and mount it on walls, ceilings or floors.
  • The service panel can be mounted on the left or right side of the water heater. This allows the maintenance team to easily access the service panel without fuss during routine maintenance and servicing.
  • To reduce the risk of corrosion, the inner walls of the water heaters are coated with a special enamel coating. In doing so, the chances of tank leakage will be reduced, thus ensuring you with years of worry-free usage.
  • Replaceable, self-sacrificing magnesium anode rod mounted in the tank of the storage water heater to counteract aggressive water. This is because bacteria in the water can attack the inner walls of the tank, resulting in corrosion and tank leakage in the long run. By inserting a self-sacrificing anode rod, the bacteria will attack the anode rod first, thus causing it to corrode first, leaving the walls of the inner tank to be corroded last, thus extending the lifespan of the storage water heater.
  • CFC-free polyurethane foam with an epoxy-coated jacket to keep the water in the storage water heater hot for hours. That means you'll spend less time waiting for the water to heat up when you're ready for your next hot shower. In addition, shorter heating times mean less energy consumption too!
  • Rheem’s EHG Smart WiFi Electric Storage Water Heaters come with a pressure relief valve to allow any built-up pressure in the water heater to be safely released so as to ensure you and your family will not have to risk getting scalded in the showers.
  • For added peace of mind, this shower water heater features a thermal cut-off, an intelligently programmed feature to make sure that heating automatically stops when the temperature reaches a certain level. This can help to ensure that the temperature of the water in the hot water tank will not become overly hot and risk burning you or your loved ones.
  • The Rheem EHG Smart WiFi Classic Electric Storage Water Heater comes with an adjustable immersion thermostat so that you and your loved ones can easily control how hot you want your showers to be.
  • To minimize the chances of corrosion, water connection pipes are coated with enamel. This helps to ensure that your connection pipes can continue functioning well for you for many years, while ensuring quality and safe water output for your shower enjoyment.
  • On/off indicator light on the EHG Smart WiFi Classic Electric Storage Water Heater allows you to easily know the working status of the storage water heater.
  • Incoloy heating element: As a superalloy, Incoloy can withstand high temperatures, provides rapid heat transfer, and is extremely durable.

EHG/EHG S (WiFi) Frequent Ask Questions (FAQ)

What are the differences for EHG/EHG S Vs EHG/EHG S (WiFi) water heater?
The EHG Series of Smart WiFi Electric Storage Water Heaters come with connectivity that
allow user to control via a mobile app.

What is the maximum water pressure?
0.8MPa (8bar)

What are the benefits of EHG/EHG S water heater?
Smart connectivity, anti-Corrosion Incoloy Heating Element and Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)

What are the safety protections on Rheem water heater?
Auto reset thermostat and Double Poles Thermal Cut Out

What is the maximum temperature setting?
It can be adjusted up to 75°C

Why does the water heater keep dripping?
Whenever the pressure in the heater tank reaches 0.8MPa (8bar), the PRV will start to drip
from drain hole. This is perfectly normal. A drainpipe should be connected to a floor trap.

Why water heater leaking?
If it is leaking from water piping, please contact any authorized plumber. If it is leaking from
the body of the water heater, it could possibly be caused by issues relating to inner tank
aging. Please contact Rheem service hotline.

Why turn on water tap but water not hot?
Manual Reset Thermal Cut Out may have been operated; check by removing the service
cover as stated in the user manual. If in doubt, please contact Rheem service hotline.

Why turn on water tap but no water?
It could possibly be main water supply accidentally turned off.

Where can I install Rheem heater?
Ideally, in the bathroom and only install indoors.

Should I leave the WiFi heater switch "ON" at all times?
Yes. Without power on, you are unable to control from your mobile app.

Which Bandwidth should I choose for WiFi connectivity?
Only 2.4GHz Bandwidth allows for pairing. Once connected, you can either use your home
WiFi network or 4G/5G to control the heater.

What if I cannot connect to my Wifi network?
It could possibly be due to the distance of your router to your water heater. If it is too far,
there is a chance that the heater may not be able to receive the WiFi signal. In this case, you
may want to consider installing a mesh/extender router, to be placed near the installed

What if my home WiFi is down?
In case the WiFi signal is lost/down, you can still control the heater through the display

Will I be informed if the Wifi signal is off?
Yes, a notification will be sent to registered mobile app whenever the heater power is being
turned off

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