Want a hassle free experience in creating your Kitchen experience?

Standalone Kitchen sink gives you the peace of mind as it does not require any constructing of Kitchen countertop. They are your ultimate plug & play solutions to your Kitchen. Standalone Kitchen sink are produced in an entire module by itself, either built with a cabinet for storage or simply "legs" that rest on the kitchen floor. They can be installed for multiple use in different areas, such as the wet Kitchen, laundry area etc.

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DMXS Stainless Steel Sink with Stand

Model:DMXS 100B

  • Stainless Steel Sink With Stand
  • Model No: DMXS 100B
  • Dimensions: 
  • External - 1000*500 mm
  • Internal - 490*380*140 mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Note: Actual dimensions & appearance of product illustrated may vary without prior notice.