Blanco Subline Series 500IF

Blanco SILGRANIT™ PuraDur™ II

Model:SUBLINE 500-IF SteelFrame

BLANCO SUBLINE 500-IF SteelFrame is an exceptional combination of aesthetics, functionality and individuality. The unique combination of natural stony SILGRANIT and classically timeless stainless steel is the innovative concept of two popular materials – for a composition that adds very special accents.

  • Innovative unique mix of stainless steel and SILGRANIT
  • Timelessly elegant, straight lined bowl with a filigree IF low profile rim
  • For top-mounted installation from above; ideal for laminate worktops
  • Can also be flush-mounted in stone and glass
  • Good match in looks for high quality ceramic hobs
  • Elegant and hygienic: the concealed C-overflow
  • Optional: ash compound chopping board, multifunctional colander and drainer



Naturally appealing SILGRANIT™ combined with cool stainless steel is ideal for installation in laminate worktops.


The innovative ash compound chopping board perfectly increases the functionality of the basin.


The multifunctional colander in stainless steel blends harmoniously with the spacious bowl.


A place to put glasses and dishes: the optional drainer in the unusual wave effect.

Top View:



Side View: 


Front View:


Note: Actual dimensions & appearance of product illustrated may vary without prior notice.