Blanco YOVA XL 6 S

Blanco SILGRANIT™ PuraDur™ II

Model:YOVA XL 6 S

The nature-inspired design of BLANCO YOVA XL 6 S brings balance into the kitchen. This is thanks to the clear symmetry, the wavy design of the bowl surrounds and the lower drainer area. The exclusive sink centre will appeal to all those who appreciate contemporary functionality and soft overlapping contours with no corners or edges.

  • Organic flowing design
  • Symmetrical construction with tap ledge positioned in the middle
  • Matching inserted ash compound chopping board
  • Bowl and drainer with wave-shaped surround
  • Can be installed reversibly

The bowl and drainer area are surrounded by the “crest of a wave”. The drainer is slightly lower for practical reasons. Water flows away through the new round overflow.


The generously dimensioned ash compound chopping board looks good enough to use at the table. The parallel contours of the design blend perfectly with the lowered working area.


Top View: 


Side View:


Front View:

Note: Actual dimensions & appearance of product illustrated may vary without prior notice