Blanco SILGRANIT™ PuraDur™ II

Model:ADON XL 6 S

Cubic. Prominent. Distinctive.

  • Eye-catching, cubic design
  • Raised all-round frame
  • Symmetrical construction with tap ledge positioned in the middle
  • Ash compound chopping board that can be positioned variably in both working areas
  • More room behind the sink thanks to the reduced installation dimension
  • Can be installed reversibly

BLANCO ADON XL 6 S is based on the symmetry principle of equallysized squares. The striking edge geometry creates a sophisticated look and facilitates the optimum utilisation of the available space.

The high quality ash compound chopping board can be moved lengthwise or crosswise across the bowl and the working area. This freedom benefits many working sequences in the kitchen.

Top View:


Side View:



Front View:



Note: Actual dimensions & appearance of product illustrated may vary without prior notice.