ROZ Liquid Soap Dispenser S/S


  • Roz Bathroom Accessories , 1900 series signifies an organised, clean cut & modern design.
  • It creates a sleek & modern bathroom environment.
  • Ever since soap bar runs out of favor, liquid soap becomes the norm for every bathroom.
  • When mounted on your preferred spot such as above the basin area, Roz Liquid Soap dispenser & holder provides you an easy access to cIean hygiene liquid soap.
  • It keeps your bathroom area clean & free from clutter especially when soap bottles lying around.
  • Roz Liquid Soap dispenser & holder adds a new design & function dimension to your bathroom.
  • Experience it at any of our showroom today! Bathroom Accessories @ Hoe Kee
  • Roz Liquid Soap dispenser & holder 
  • Model No: RZ-1921

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