To Think Water in a new Way

Redefining Standards

Hoe Kee is proud to be a long standing partner/distributor of Damixa, famous all over the world for excellent Danish design. Damixa's partnership with talented designers makes the taps of the future.

Damixa is known for its premium design and that is how things will stay. This is why Damixa works closely with trend setting designers from Denmark and abroad to ensure that Damixa remains at the forefront of tap fittings for the homes of the future. "We always have to ensure that we both fufil and exceed consumer expectations," explains Berit Linde Jessen, Chief Commercial Officer at Damixa. Hoe Kee is proud to be able to bring new & innovative products to the market, beautifying homes while retaining its superior functionality.


Damixas Own Designers

Damixa itself also has plenty of talent in its Design Department. Damixa's designers wondered why water could only run downwards from a tap when it made practical sense for it to be able to run upwards as well - for example, if you want a drink of water. Damixa changed this notion with the Arc Tap range. The Spout can be turned from side to side, up & down to make it easy for various chores, such as to get water into the corners of the sink when you need to clean it or fill a pan with water. The many features & remarkable design of the tap range have won two international awards.

"We were interested in combining the many functional options with a simple and stylistically consistent look which is so typical of good Danish design. That is why we here at Damixa, for the first time ever, used a joystick as a handle and artifical covering which is pleasant to touch and clearly indicates where you need to grip to operate the product," 

explains Berit Linde Jessen, Chief Commercial Officer.

Hoe Kee is once again proud to partner Damixa to constantly bring innovative products to our end user. Your experience matters to us.