Sticky grease on your Kitchen

Tired & frustrated with sticky grease on your Kitchen after every cooking?


Are you spending too much time cleaning your Kitchen after every cooking session? 

With the quick pace of lifestyle on sunny Singapore, time is a precious comodity. For most families, cooking can be a tedious & time-consuming activity. Beyond the prepartion time to the cooking time, the cleaning part is often the most horrorenous part to every chef in the Kitchen.



Tired & frustrated with sticky grease on your Kitchen cabinets & floor after every cooking?

While we cook in the Kitchen, smoke, steam and grease particles rise from our cooking surface. Post cooking unpleasant odors will inevitably rise as well. Often,the quality of air in the kitchen contains much air pollutants which could put our health at long term risk. This is especially true as we breathe in all sorts of culprits such as lingering food smells, smoke fumes, trash can odors and excess moisture coming from our dishwasher.

In addition, we will find ourselves spending hours cleaning up the grease which have found their way onto the Kitchen Cabinets, handles, wall & even the flooring.


Should we give up cooking at home altogether? 

A Kitchen cooker hood may well be a worth while investment to improve the quality of air in the Kitchen. Moreover, an effective cooker hood will minimise the amount of cleaning you have to do after every cook. A cooker hood function by extracting fumes & other polluntants during the cooking process, minimizing their pathways to land elsewhere. A cooker hood is most often installed above the Cooker hob, where much of the activities take place. In that way, fumes could be effectively captured by the cooker hood on their way upwards. Without the operation of a cooker hood installed, grease would stick onto Kitchen cabinets, floors, Walls & other parts of the Kitchen that would cause a cleaning nightmare.

hoe kee



hoe kee

How do I choose a good quality cooker hood?

A good quality cooker hood is meant to minimize your cleaning time in the Kitchen, and should boost effective suction power. Be sure to check the airflow suction rate / oil collection rate of the cooker hood before making a purchase. Beyond that, a cooker hood should be easy to clean & maintain. You do not want to spend too much time cleaning the cooker hood which was meant to save you time. Be sure to familarise yourself with the operation of the cooker hood, be comfortable with it before making a purchase decision. Lastly, do not be deceived by the looks of a cooker hood. A good looking one / asethically designed one may not neccessary be a functional one. Unless you simply just want a piece of furniture in the Kitchen. Strike a balance between design & functionality.

Invest in a good quality cooker hood and save yourself from the nightmare of cleaning away sticky & greasy surfaces.