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Hi-Tech manufacturing process

Roz faucets manufacturing process begins in engineering labs that are entirely dedicated to high precision and quality production, with highly innovative machinery, completely robotic, such as: work stations with robots, 3-ways transfers, Double Bar Transfers, Lathes with Loaders,full Bar and Tube Bar Cutters, brass sheet cutters and other metals.

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Polishing & Chrome-Plating - A lasting Look for your Bathroom

Once our semi-finished products are ready and protected with packaging with internal sponge or polystyrene trays, they are brought to the polishing department for treatment. In addition to the traditional manual working stations, 15 automatic polishing machines, with rotating table or robotic arms, & dual robotics to simulate the action of two human figures at work.

Polishing and cleaning are impeccable. Such detailed process ensures that your bathroom faucets will look great even after many years. Chrome-plating of surfaces is carried on internally in the plants with the use of automatic machines in compliance with European quality and environment standards.

Roz Faucets, shower accessories and bathroom accessories are chrome-plated in plants specially designed for this purpose. We stick to the strict standards in producing faucets that will beautify your bathroom.


 Automated Production & Rigorous Testing