Luxury Rainshowers

Luxury Rainshowers that doesn't burn a hole in your pocket

Today's bathroom is more than just a functional place to wash up, increasing number of Singaporeans are turning it into a place of wellness. A place where one could relax & smoothen the stress away after a long hard day at work. One particular area of notice is the shower area. Refresh & enjoy water!

Showering with a simple hand held shower head seems to be a thing of the past with many people. Luxury Rainshowers has become popular with many discerning homeowners that seek a new refreshing showering experience. With a large shower head towering over one's body, Rainshowers simulates the effect of natural rain falling onto us. It is believed to bring forth a theraptic effect on our sense. However, one could easily maintain the impression that such Rainshower could easily burn a hole in your pocket, with many brands on market selling them at thousand of dollars a piece.

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 At Hoe Kee, we are committed to deliver quality products at prices everyone could afford. As in a report by Sunday times, KrisRoz Rainshower, our very own house brand has won much readers appaulse with its multi-function Rainshower while making it affordable to many.

Its complete set comes with an intergrated 3 way mixer, an overhead shower, handheld shower, & a movable spout which comes in handy for filling up pails or washing of feet. Luxury Rainshowers doesnt have to burn a hole in your pocket.

Want Rainshowers but don't want messy re-installatoin works?

No problem! Many homeowners today like to include the rainshower in their bathroom but want little hassle in reinstalling works. Some are unwilling to do away with their exisiting bath/shower mixer especially those that are still relatively new. Consider our Rainshower body, which works perfectly fine for use with your current mixer! It is designed with little installation work in mind. Its holding brackets are movable, which allows one to re-use his/her existing pre-drilled hole. Simply connect the rainshower body to your existing mixer, and prepare for a luxury shower! 


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