Kitchen Sink Installation Methods

Kitchen Sink Installation Methods - What should I know?

Today's Kitchen are increasing becoming sophisticated, with a myriad of choices presented to every homeowner. From Kitchen sink, to Faucets, to appliances such as hood & hob, homeowners face the bittersweet situation of many designs to choose from but yet thorough process to make a decision. From the Kitchen Sink, where one would spend an estimated 60% of his time while in the Kitchen, comes in various designs, shapes, bowl combination, size & Sink material type.

One important consideration that is very often overlooked when it comes to choosing the right Kitchen sink is the installation method applicable to the desired kitchen sink. Here, we will discuss some of the most common installation method for Kitchen Sink and the designs that follows.

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Inset Kitchen Sink, to be inserted from above. Also known as drop-in sinks or top mount Kitchen sink, it is by far the most common type of installation for Kitchen sink. A Kitchen sink unit is simply inserted from above into a prepared cut-out on your worktop. Its commonality comes from its practicality of easy installation & ease of sink replacement in future. On its asethetic part, the rim of the sink will become visible to the eyes, creating a boundary for the Sink Area. 

The Good: Easy to install. Ease of replacing sink in the future. And yet, this classic method does not have to be boring. The flat rims on BLANCO products have a surprisingly elegant look. They combine a virtually flush-fit look with modern charm and give even lower-cost worktops (e.g. laminate) a special flair.

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hoe kee comfort and elegant kitchen sink   Flexibilty, comfort and elegance 

If you like your kitchen to look fabulous and as stylish as the kitchens you see in home magazines, undermount Kitchen sink is one option you should not overlook. For a discerning homeowner who desires a modern & elegant Kitchen setting, an undermount Kitchen sink would nicely fit the bill. 

In such installation, the Kitchen sink is fitted right underneath the kitchen counter top, thus providing the counter top with a sleek, clean and thorough surface. Unlike the top mount installation, the joints and rims of an undermounted Kitchen Sink will not be visible, which will not interrupt with the counter top design; This way, your kitchen counter top will appear as a neat and flawless surface, providing a highly efficient functionality. Another major plus point of an under mount sink is the ease of maintainence. After much cooking preparation work is done on your worktop, simply sweep the mess right to the sink, keeping your counter top clean. As such, if you have a working habit of having your Kitchen top messy with food debris and spills, you can easily wipe them off and throw them to the under mount sink – all this mess will not get caught on the rim of the under mount kitchen sink.