Lead-free, corrosion-resistant faucets thanks to the unique GROHE developed alloy.

As a global brand, we tirelessly dedicate ourselves to harnessing our knowledge, technological expertise and German precision-engineering to make best use of the world’s finite resources. The development of GROHE Zero brings a groundbreaking approach to manufacturing faucets.

After vigorous research, we have substantially reduced the lead content in brass to negligible levels. Lead is replaced by harmless metals like copper, ensuring that potential lead contamination of potable water is at an absolute minimum. GROHE’s vast experience and expertise in the production process, harnessed with the technical opportunities that our own furnaces offer, has resulted in us setting new standards for drinking water with GROHE Zero.

More importantly, the new GROHE Zero alloy ensures unprecedented longevity. Its composition has been proven to be five times more resistant to corrosion. With a GROHE Zero faucet, you can be sure you will revel in the pure enjoyment of water in every aspect – day after day and for a whole lifetime.

GROHE Zero means our raw material contains 90% less lead than standard brass and is five times more resistant to corrosion.
New Eurodisc Cosmopolitan produced with GROHE Zero GROHE Zero Brass