Composite Granite Sinks

Composite Granite Sinks - A Trend in Today's Kitchen

In most homes today, you will find an increasing number of Kitchen fitted with colored, granite like Kitchen Sink. Today, most new home owners or residents revamping their Kitchen are widely accepting colored granite like Kitchen Sinks. However, many questions abound regarding such Sinks:

  • What exactly are Granite Sinks?
  • Are all Granite Sink the same?
  • Are they able to withstand the daily pressure of usage?

To begin with, there is no pure granite sink in the market, but only composite granite sink. Such composite granite sink typically consists of a mixture of granite stone & other substance, moulded into various shapes & design for today's Kitchen. Natural Granite stone is one of the strongest & hardest stone available which make it an ideal material for constructing Kitchen Sink, where heavy usage takes place. However, on a caution note, many manufacturers today have sought the use of synthetic granite material in its construction of Kitchen Sink in order to cut its costs.

All composite granite sinks are not created the same. Different manufacturers will use varying amount of natural granite stone & other substance during construction, resulting in different quality of such sink available in the market. For the best quality, only choose manufacturers that uses natural granite stone with an excellent track record & quality test reports.

Good quality composite granite sink typically are constructed to resist scratches, stain, & even high heat (especially when placing hot pot on sink directly). A composite granite should also be easy to clean & safe for food use. As such, such sinks are widely popular today as they can withstand the daily pressure of Kitchen usage.

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