Blanco Taps

Seal of approval for safety & hygiene

Blanco has the technology & hygiene of its taps voluntarily tested according to the stipulations of the German drinking water regulation & certified by the DVGW cert Gmbh (certification body of the German Scientific & Technical Association for Gas & water e.V.)

The voluntary certification by the DVGM is Blanco's documentary proof that the requirements for the protection of drinking water are being observed.

Before the certification takes place, the technology & hygiene of a range of taps are subjected to a large number of individulal tests by various, independent institutes.

The following criteria are an essential part of these tests:

  • Safeness of the materials used
    (all materials coming into contact with water are tested for hygiene properties & constituents which can present a health hazard.)
  • Durability in hot cold permanent use
  • Flow rate
  • Intensity of water noise