Blanco Combi Colors

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Tasteful combinations. For a harmonious color tone in your dream Kitchen, you are at the right place. Welcome to CombiColours, BLANCO’s worlds of colour.

Over here, you will get to experience tasteful combinations of sink and worktop – with lots of contemporary worktop designs & color tone, matching with a variety of BLANCO sink colour recommendations for a wide range of combinations. 

For technical reasons, the reproduced colours are only approximations of the true colours. Hoe Kee is pleased to show you the original materials colors at any of our showroom, give you comprehensive advice and develop your dream combination with you!


SILGRANIT Anthracite
Chic, elegant black metallic shade with a velvety surface. Soft metallic pigments create the association with the shine of graphite, precursor to the diamond. Clear and puristic colour with a very wide range of options for combining, from full of contrast and modern to harmonious and elegant - anything is possible. Beautiful with all black and grey surfaces, but is also a delightful contrast to any warm wood or light shades.

SILGRANIT Alu Metallic
Stylish shade of metallic grey with a natural silvery note. Colour with a contemporary, relaxed elegance and modern-urbane character.Lovely as a strong contrast in combination with untreated, natural-looking light woods such as maple and oak, but also with lots of warm woods shades such as beech and walnut. Also harmonises beautifully with grey-toned designs - although they should not contain any red.

The classic with a grainy-lively sand structure and all the appeal of a natural material. Versatile and honest in the tradition of an old terrazzo sink. Uncomplicated in combination with a wide range of traditional wood shades, where Sand really comes up trumps. Down-to-earth and homely with beech and oak. Comfortable and uncomplicated with light woods and stone designs.

Brilliant bright white. Pure and clear. Distinctive colour with a very wide range of options for combining. Pleasant and homely with light woods or grey-weathered designs. Elegant with dark woods such as walnut. Expressive in contrast with black designs, youthful and modern with strong earth shades.

Elegant shade of beige. Colourfulness with a natural texture. Finely structured and sparkling, just like the best champagne. Honest and uncomplicated with light stone designs thanks to its fine stone character. Especially for flat or undermount installations as from a single mould. Sophisticated in contrast with dark, elegant woods.