Bathroom Basin

Which bathroom basin is right for me?

Which bathroom Basin is right for me? Over the years, our home bathroom has evolved from merely a place of function to a place of wellness, where one could refresh & relax. The bathroom has became a place where peace & quietness reside, away from the fast paced, buzzing activity of the outside world.

Often, the way we freshen our day or unwind from a long day of hard work begins from the bathroom, particularly begins from the basin area. The Basin area itself is most often the area that greets us first when we enter the bathroom, that plays an important role in the overall bathroom design. Beyond design, we spend considerable amount of time at the basin daily, such as brsuhing teeth, washing face, or even a make up area for ladies. Therefore that it makes much practical & design sense to spend some time to understand & choose the ideal bathroom basin.
Bathroom Basin today comes in a wide range of design & size, allowing any discerning homeowner to create their ideal bathroom experience.

So, which bathroom basin is right for me? Consider the following:


hoe kee Wall Hung Wash Basin

Wall Hung Wash Basin

Wall hung basin may be thought by many to be of "old school" design, but such models boast simple & hassle-free installation. Its concept is based on a bare minimum for the basin area; simply just a wash area. Wall Hung Basin is also ideal for bathroom with limited space.

hoe kee Vanity and Counter Top Basin

Vanity / Counter Top Basin

Vanity / Counter top basin, as its name suggests, is installed by sitting nicely onto a vanity Top, such as quartz or granite surface. Such design installation was popularized by spa resort, where you will commonly find them. A Vanity / Counter Top Basin gives us a warm & peaceful experience, as it sits boldly on a Vanity Top. In addition, spacious vanity top provides extra space at its sides, for the organization of toiletries. It also helps in hidding away unsightly bottle trap & piping from the visibility.

hoe kee Undermount Basin

Undermount Basin

Undermount Basin, as its name would describe, are installed underneath a vanity top. A Vanity Top would have a cut out size matching that of the undermount basin "wash area", keeping the entire basin underneath. Such design boosts a clean, sleek & uncluttered experience in your bathroom. This is especially true when only the wash area is visible to the eyes. More than that, it will keep cleaning work to the minimum. Many hotel room display undermount basin, for its design & easy cleaning practicality. However, most undermount basin does not come with a deck area for the tap installation, such that it would require the tap/faucet to be installed on your vanity top. Another drawback of undermount basin is the trouble of replacement. Should the need to replace the basin for whatever reasons (eg. crack), it may be a challenge to hunt down an undermount basin with the exact same measurement.

hoe kee Pedestal Basin

Pedestal Basin

Pedestal Basin are a kind of its own. Standing boldly & independantly by itself in the bathroom, it boost a design many would desire for. Such pedestal basin is sure to create a WOW factor within your bathroom, as its size & design would uniquely stand out from the bathroom. However, such basin would mainly be suitable for homeowners with a large spacious bathroom, where space is not much of a constraint. Basin has never been so good this way!

hoe kee Semi-Recessed Basin

Semi-Recessed Basin

For basin with an easy blend in, semi-recessed basins are the way to go. Such designs not only compliments your bathroom decor, they are also a space saver too! Its design concept is such that a portion of the basin will be exposed/protruded outwards, saving much space on your Vanity top. Such Space saver becomes a runaway design by itself, creating a blend-in effect, and is sure to rejunvenate your bathroom experience.