The Look. The Feel. The Durability. Blanco SILGRANIT PuraDur II

BLANCO SILGRANIT Kitchen sinks stands the test of time. A name trusted by millions Worldwide. Elegance in design & attractive in various color to match every kitchen concept.
Blanco SILGRANIT PuraDur II consists of 80% granite, which makes it ideal for daily life in the kitchen.

The stony-silky surface and very finely pored, closed surface create a soft stone-like character that is wonderful to the touch. Thanks to the excellent material properties, SILGRANIT offers an ease of care and level of resistance that has never been offerd before for coloured composite sinks. If you desire a superior Kitchen Sink experience like millions other has done so, choose Blanco Silgranit Sinks. It is now available in a wide range of colors for every home!

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Characteristics of SILGRANIT:

Outstanding ease of care Unsurpassed scratch
Heat-resistance up
to 280 °C
100% suitable for
food use
Stain resistant 100% non fading
even in direct sun

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For Quality Composite Granite Kitchen Sink, Trust Blanco. Proudly brought to you by Hoe Kee for more than 30 years.