Blanco Lemis XL 8-IF Stainless Steel Sink

Lemis XL 8-IF
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Blanco Lemis XL 8-IF Stainless Steel Sink

Lemis XL 8-IF


  • Modern linear shape
  • Maximized bowl capacity
  • Spacious tap ledge and drainer area
  • waste kit with space-saving pipe
  • 2 x 3 1/2'' basket strainer
  • Under mount / top mount / flush mount

Stainless steel:

  • is strong
  • is steadfast
  • is tear-resistant
  • retains its shine
  • does not leave germs and bacteria behind
  • is easy to maintain


This makes Stainless steel the right material for your sink

Professional chefs appreciate this special mix of steel, chrome and nickel. After all, it can do so much more.

Hard, smooth and always clean thanks to the passive layer - the Stainless steel sink. It hardly gets better than this. Dirt remains on the surface. One wipe, and any stains on the sink are gone. Traces of limescale, too. Almost. Often, it's enough just to wipe the Stainless steel sink with a damp cloth. Special cleaners can be used to remove more stubborn limescale

Hygienic: smooth and non-porous

Did you drip some orange juice into the sink? Did some pieces of meat slip into the sink while you were washing up? No need to worry! Stainless steel is the best guard. It blocks everything. And where nothing can get in, no bacteria can build up. Everything is spotlessly clean. Simply give it a quick wipe, and you're done.

Food-safe: soft Stainless steel

Did you accidentally leave some tomatoes or strawberries lying on the sink and ended up being out for longer than you expected? Even if you left fruit or vegetables there for days, it would suffer no ill-effects. It would not absorb any odour or taste from the Stainless steel. Stainless steel is tight. It won't pass anything over. Just as well

Tough: takes whatever you put it through

Crash! Oops! It's easy for a plate to slip out of your grasp while rinsing it. Something that you're familiar with? Indeed, who isn't? You're lucky if it happens in a Stainless steel sink. It cushions the fall. In most cases, the plate will remain intact. And your Stainless steel sink bowl will, too.

Off all sink materials, Stainless steel is the softest. This offers many advantages. But it also has its limits. If a whole flower vase tumbles into the sink, instead of a plate, it is likely to leave marks. At the same time, the vase is much more likely to survive that if this were to happen in a Silgranit or Ceramic sink.

Resistant: just wipe it down

Coffee can spill, lemon juice can spray onto the Stainless steel ledge, or someone might leave a teabag lying on the sink. The acid leaking from the lemon would seep into some materials, such as wood. A Stainless steel sink remains impervious. Nothing happens to it. No discolouration; no lasting stains.

Easy-care: Tender loving care

Your Stainless steel sink needs tender loving care. Not too much, but on an ongoing basis. This will ensure lasting enjoyment for decades to come. This happens if you maintain a Stainless steel sink regularly. You don't have to toil over it for hours at a time. After wiping the sink with a mild cleaner and a soft cloth, just dry it and you're done. Nothing elaborate or laborious. Just a little. Regularly. Quite simple.

Light-fast and heat-resistant: stays just as it is

Do you prefer to wash dishes facing the window, gazing at the great outdoors? Stainless steel makes it possible. It is tough and stays just as it is. There's no bleaching if the sun is shining on the sink for hours, days or even weeks on end. And it won't mind if you put a hot pot on it. It can handle it. It doesn't put up a fuss. No tarnishing, no discolouring.

Rustproof: resistant to deformation

Stainless steel stays just as it is. If steel is stood outside in the rain for a long time, it will rust. We all know that. But Stainless steel doesn't rust. Stainless steel doesn't put up with that, either. This is due to its passive coating, which is constantly regenerating itself. But what if you've spotted a couple of tiny reddish-orange marks? Generally speaking, this will be due to other things that can rust. It may occur due to contact with cheap, non-protected steel, for instance. It is easy to remove with a soft sponge and a special Stainless steel cleaning agent like BLANCO POLISH.

Your sink is bound to get scratched at some point.

No scratches? It sounds nice, if somewhat improbable. At BLANCO, we've done what we can. After all, Stainless steel isn't all the same! We use only Stainless steel of the very highest quality, selected according to specific criteria. This drives our steel suppliers to despair. But we know how much the first scratch in your beautiful new Stainless steel sink can hurt. The fact remains that if your kitchen isn't just a decorative feature but also a place that sees actual use, it's bound to happen one day. If it's only a small scratch, you can try to polish it away with a suitable substance.

BLANCO Stainless steel Durinox sinks make things a little better. This Stainless steel is specially hardened and thus more impervious too fingerprints and scratches. But even here, tough day-to-day kitchen use will leave its mark sooner or later. Yet Stainless steel remains a long-lasting and beautiful material. We absolutely love it.


Sophisticated pieces require looking after - take time to care for your sink

A Stainless steel sink is undemanding. Wiping it with a little washing-up liquid and a soft cloth every day is enough. Rinse with clean water and dry with a microfibre cloth. Voil�! It's sparkling once again.

Once you have had your sink for a while, the Stainless steel will also benefit from being spoiled occasionally with BLANCO POLISH. It will thank you by remaining steadfast for years.

Use the soft side of the sponge. Avoid using aggressive cleaning agents or steel wool. Stainless steel does not take kindly to such products.

A Stainless steel sink only becomes less sensitive to scratches after a little time and the recommended care.

Note: When cleaning your Stainless steel sink, always wipe it in the brushing direction of the steel. You will be able to see this by looking at the Stainless steel from an angle.

What's more, Polished Stainless steel scratches less easily than the natural-finish version. Linen-look Stainless steel is great for hiding scratches and limescale. And Durinox is the most scratch-resistant option for our Stainless steel sinks.

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