Electrolux 60cm Induction Hob with dual ring zone


Enjoy the space and the freedom to cook what you want
Use large pots and pans as a professional chef. The extra-cooking zone for large containers this large plate measures provides freedom to easily prepare the dishes in large vessels.

Always perfectly clean thanks to induction technology
With the professional induction technology on this board, the surface never gets hot. Stains do not stick and can be cleaned off easily.

The integrated control panel on the counter offers a very direct access to the controls of cooking
The controls of the cooking plate has been designed to be intuitively accessible.

Save time in reaching high temperatures immediately
Run the kitchen faster with the increased power function of this board. It provides the additional energy for the food to reach the highest temperatures instantly.

Take a break from cooking and resume it with one touch
It is possible that while we're cooking, we are forced to pause when the phone rings or when we need to consult a recipe. Thanks to the Stop& Go function, you can select the one- touch pause and resume it later where the hob will recover the same cooking temperature settings.

Cooking zones which are heated only when they detect a vessel on the surface
The intelligent technology induction cooking zones of this plate is heated only when a container is placed above it. As soon as the container is removed, the cooking zones turn off automatically.

  • Height (mm): 55
  • Height Packed (mm): 118
  • Width (mm): 590
  • Width Packed (mm): 678
  • Width of niche (Max): 565
  • Built-in Width (mm): 565
  • Depth (mm): 520
  • Depth Packed (mm): 600
  • Built-in Depth (mm): 490
  • Length of Cord (cm): 1.5
  • Certificates: CE;VDE
  • Product Installation: Built-in
  • Gross Weight: 12.14
  • Net Weight (kg): 11.26
  • Energy Input: Electric
  • Frequency: 50/60
  • Voltage (V): 220-240
  • Positions: 4
  • Control Panel Location: Hob front
  • Control Settings: Knob
  • Control type: Electronic
  • Power Heating Type 1: 2300/3700W/210mm
  • Power Heating Type 2: 1400/2500W/145mm
  • Power Heating Type 3: 0W/0mm
  • Regulation Type: Stepless energy regulated
  • Indicator Power On: Yes
  • Indicator Regulation: 1
  • Residual Heat Indicator: Separate
  • No. of Induction Plates: 3
  • Frame Type: Bevelled 1 Side
  • Lid Type: Without
  • Surface Material: Steel
  • Construction Type: Built-in
  • Electrical Connection: 0 740
  • Location Heating 1: Left-front
  • Location Heating 2: Left-rear
  • Type of 3rd heating element: None
  • Type of 4th heating element: None
  • Type: Induction Hobs
  • Gas Safety Type: No

Note: Actual dimensions & appearance of product illustrated may vary without prior notice.

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