Electrolux 2 Burners 78cm FORZA Gas Hob


Blue Power Flame
Featuring a 5.0kW burner, the FORZA has a bigger heating area thus creating a high heat efficiency at 58%.

SABAF Crown Burner + Burner Deep Groove
SABAF is a world renowned brand for its high quality, safe and durable burners providing the best flame quality and efficient gas utilization from Italy. 

Precise Dual Valve Control (PDVC) + Safety Flame Device (SFD)
Prevent gas leakage and acts as a safety measure for your home. 

Height (mm): 65
Width (mm): 780
Width of niche (Max): 732
Depth (mm): 460
Built-in Depth (mm): 421
Main Colour: Black
Product Installation: Built-in
Energy Input: Gas
Ignition System: Battery Powered One-Step Ignition
Control Settings: Knobs
Control type: Mechanical
Number of Gas Burners: 2
Power Heating Type 1: 5.0kW Burner x 2
Frame Type; Black Safety Glass
Surface Material: Tempered Glass
Construction Type: Built-in
Pan Support: Cast Iron
Safety Device: yes

Note: Actual dimensions & appearance of product illustrated may vary without prior notice.

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This product comes with

  • High Heat Efficiency of 58% provides fast heat up & saves on gas consumption
  • Safety Flame Device made in Japan - gas is cut-off at the source if the flame fails
  • Safety glass cooktop - resists hard knocks, high heat and easy to clean
  • SABAF 5.0kW wok burner with Dual Valve - precise heat control for superior results
  • Cast Iron Pan Support with integrated wok stand for stable wok support
  • Aerated Dual-Jet technology for powerful flame and rapid heat up